Lehigh Valley




Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Kokikai Aikido website. This is your main portal to all information pertaining to Kokikai Aikido, our Lehigh Valley dojo, and all other related information that contribute to the traditions, history, and evolution of the martial art we practice here in the Lehigh Valley.

You will learn about what we practice on our About page, when our classes are held on our Classes page, where we are located on our Locations page, and how you can get in touch with us on our Contact page.

Enjoy your stay. We hope to train with you soon.

After your stay here at the Lehigh Valley Kokikai Aikido site, be sure to visit the following aikido related links:

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  • Philadelphia Kokikai Aikido – Our parent dojo and Kokikai headquarters in the United States.
  • Aikiweb – A website containing all information related to Aikido in general.